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You would like to get a first overview about our product, the Original CO2 injector Inspect 3005R?

Below we have compiled a range of information material about our contrast agent injector (contrast agent pump) for CO2 angiography.

Our quality management for medical devices is certified by our Notified Body DQS according to DIN EN ISO 13485 : 2016.

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guidlines carbon dioxid angiographie co2 injektor

Guidelines CO2 Angiography / Contrast Agent/ X-Ray


New version of the guidelines of the German Medical Association for quality assurance in X-ray diagnostics and computed tomography

The guidelines of the German Medical Association in X-ray diagnostics and in computed tomography serve to ensure the quality of both imaging procedures and thus also to optimize them in terms of radiation protection. Since the last revision in 2007, many new medical applications and technical advances have occurred, as well as new scientific findings in radiation protection, so that an update was necessary.
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Quote from the guideline:

The quality of radiological diagnostics in projection radiography, mammography, digital volume tomography (DVT) and fluoroscopy is determined by

  • ,the clinical question and information
  • the justifiable indication that can be justified with it, and
  • the optimized execution of the examination

2.8 Information on contrast agent delivery and technique

Selection of suitable catheters and catheter positions adapted to the problem and vascular area with the possibility of selective imaging
Selection of a contrast agent suitable for the specific examination
(e.g. iodine-containing contrast agent vs. CO2)
Sufficient contrast agent quantity and contrast agent concentration as well as suitable contrast agent flow
(if possible, machine injection)

Guideline of the German Medical Association for Quality Assurance in X-ray Diagnostics
(Translation: Malek Medical)

DSA Pictures Malek Medical Inspect 3005R

DSA – Pictures with CO2 Injector INSPECT 3005R

CO2 Pictures Angiography

Convince yourself of the quality of our CO2 images with the contrast agent injector INSPECT 3005R:


Product Pictures Malek Medical Inspect 3005R

Pictures from Injector INSPECT 3005R and der CO2 Angiography

Product Pictures

CO₂ Contrast Agent Injector INSPECT 3005R
BROCHURE– CO2 Injector Inspect 3005R Part 1
BROCHURE– CO2 Injector Inspect 3005R Part 2
CO2 DSA Contrast Agent Injector, Contrast Medium Pump INSPECT 3005R - Kopf
Display CO2 Injector
Malek Medical GmbH | Contrast Agent Injector for CO2

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Publications about CO2 Angiography and automated Injection


You would like to get an overview about CO2 angiography (DSA)?

Below we have compiled a number of publications / links on the subject of CO2 angiography for you.

There are currently over 450 publications on the subject of CO2 angiography.

Please feel free to contact us if you have further questions about CO2 angiography or automated CO2 contrast injection.


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