Malek Medical - location corbon dioxid angiography

Our Location – Malek Medical – Carbon Dioxide Injector


Our location is the Hanseatic City Wismar.

All our processes take place directly at our company headquarters.


  • CO2 injector for angiography developed in Germany
  • Medical device approval by German regulators / bodies
  • Production of the complete contrast medium injector in Germany
  • Support, consulting and sales from Germany

Malek Medical history CO2 angiography

History – Malek Medical – CO2 Injectors INSPECT 2005R and 3005R


Our company history.

We have been passionate about CO2 angiography for 30 years.


  • Development and distribution of the world’s first fully automated CO2 injector
    INSPECT 2005R since 1993:
First CO2 DSA contrast agent injector INSPECT 2005R
  • Expertise in carbon dioxide angiography for 30 years
  • INSPECT 3005R sales launch 2019
  • Continuous development of our processes and products
  • Family owned company

AWARDS- CO2 DSA contrast agent injector, contrast medium pump INSPECT 3005R

Awards – Malek Medical – CO2 Injector


Our awards.

Innovation and quality awards.

  • Innovation awards for CO2 angiography technology
  • Quality awards for our activities
  • Highest customer satisfaction for the CO2 contrast agent injector
  • Outstanding production processes
VR Innovation Award 1st place
“Malek Medical GmbH from Wismar for the further development of the injector for carbon dioxide-based contrast media, which has been on the market since 1996. Various detailed solutions were incorporated into the further development of the injector: the pneumatic structure was built with almost no flow resistance; the method for measuring the smallest gas quantities was refined; a heater was integrated for gas heating; pressure compensation for different injector systems was added and an additional blood pressure measurement system was installed in the patient’s vessels. In addition to the innovative further development of the injector, Malek Medical’s strong regional ties are also noteworthy. Regional partners such as Wismar University of Applied Sciences, the Institute for Polymer Technology Wismar and local supplier companies are involved in development and production.” (translation: Malek Medical)
Source: Ministerium für Wirtschaft, Infrastruktur, Tourismus und Arbeit, MV↗

Malek Medical philosophy CO2 injector

Philisophy – Malek Medical – CO2 Injector


Our company philosophy.

Customer and patient satisfaction first and foremost


  • Safety is our highest priority
  • We stand behind our promises
  • Always being there for our customers
  • There is a solution for everything

Malek Medical employees corbon dioxid injector

Employees – Malek Medical – CO2 Contrast Agent Injector


Our Employees.

All our employees will always be there for you.


  • Highest expertise in CO2 angiography
  • Always available and solution-oriented
  • Unique working environment
  • The employees are the heart of our company

Malek Medical career DSA injector

Career – Malek Medical – CO2 Injector


Our career opportunities.

Career is written BIG in our company.


  • Proactive applications welcome!
  • Are you looking for the challenge that suits you?
  • Are you ready to be innovative?
  • Contact us!