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CO2 DSA Kontrast agent injector, cobtrast meduim pump INSPECT 3005R

CO₂ Contrast Agent Injector INSPECT 3005R

Contrast Agent CO2 Injector

The CO2 contrast agent injector Inspect 3005R is the state-of-the-art and current guideline compliant way of contrast agent injection in angiography. The injector uses the safe contrast agent CO2 and meets all your requirements for precision, accuracy and safety.
For mobile C-arms, stationary DSA and hybrid operating rooms.

Its strengths and unique position features are:

  • Gas preheatingg
  • highest possible pressures and volumes
  • high working speed
  • most precise and accurate injection processes

Technical Data:

Model INSPECT 3005R
Intended Purpose Angiography (DSA)
Contrast Agent CO2 – Carbon dioxide
Klass /42/EWG Appendix II and MEDDEV IIb
Presets 10
Keyboard 10 Num / +7 Funktion Keys
Display LCD 10,2 Zoll / 16 Mill. Colors
Technologies ICF / DIT / MAX Range
Reload-Time with Gas heating 2 sec
Injection Temperature 36°C
Injection Volume 0 ccm – 200 ccm
Injection Pressure 0 mbar – 1400 mbar

Max Range and Max Pressure and Max Volume of contrast Agent


Largest range of pressure and volume

Over 30 years, it has been shown that for good visualization of large vessels, large pressure and large volume are important. For imaging small vessels, on the other hand, a small pressure and a small volume are important.
With MAX Range, we provide you injection parameters that have been proven and published in the literature.

ICF Technology - intelligent continuous flow of contrast agent
ICF Technology

Intelligent Continuous Flow

This ICF Technology is available exclusively from Malek Medical. This ICF Technology uses a patented and award-winning control technology. This ensures that a constant CO2 gas flow is generated during the entire injection. This is the only way to ensure constant filling of the vessels. You can see this difference in every picture.

DIT- Direct Injection Technology of contrast agent
DIT Technology

Direct Injection Technology

The worldwide unique DIT technology makes it possible for you to always have the desired CO2 gas volume and pressure available without waiting time.
The CO2 gas is taken directly from the gas cylinder without any bypasses. Precision valves ensure exact dosing and maximum safety when injecting the CO2 contrast agent.

co2 contrast agent angiography injector

CO₂ Contrast Agent for Angiography

CO2 Contrast Agent

The CO₂ contrast agent for the Inspect 3005R is specifically approved for angiography and meets all quality, purity and medical device law requirements.
For perfect imaging in automated CO₂ angiography.

Supply advantages:

  • Contrast agent supply for at least 200 patients
  • Simplest cylinder exchange
  • Special approval for angiography with carbon dioxide
Technische Daten:

Model CO₂ Contrast Agent
Intended Purpose Angiography (DSA)
Contrast Agent CO2
Class /42/EWG Appendix II and MEDDEV IIa
Purity > 99,5% Vol.
Medical Product YES
Quantity > 200 Patients
Quality requirements European Pharmacopoeia
Reload-Time with Gas Heating 2 sec
Injection Temperature 36°C
Injection Volume 0 ccm – 200 ccm
Injection Pressure 0 mbar – 1400 mbar

CO2 Contrast Agent Connecting Set Angiography

Connecting Set for Angiography, DSA

CO2 Connecting Set

The CO₂ connection set connects the CO2 injector to the application system selected by the user. It is used to transport and filter medical carbon dioxide (CO2). The two filters that are integrated in the CO2 connection set retain bacteria, particles, germs and aerosols that are larger than 0.1 μm. The backflow valve and hydrophobic membrane protect the
CO2 injector from possible backflow of fluids such as patient blood. A female (LLw) luer lock connector acts as the inlet and a male (LLm) luer lock connector acts as the outlet.


  • Single-use product
  • double safety (two filters)
  • standardized Luer-Lock connector
  • Backflow valve
Technical Data:

Model CO₂ Connecting Set
Intended Purpose Angiography (DSA)
Contrast Agent CO₂
Class /42/EWG Appendix II and MEDDEV IIa
Backflow Valve YES
Sterile Filter 2 Piece
Filtering capacity 0,2µ
Length  75cm
Interchangeable YES
Injection Temperature 36°C
Injektion Volume 0 ccm – 200 ccm
Injekction Pressure 0 mbar – 1400 mbar

Consulting CO2 Angiography - CO2 Professional

Consulting CO2 Angiography – CO2 Professional


Malek Medical, as a leading company in the field of CO2 angiography, is your competent partner for all questions regarding automated CO2 injections in vascular surgery.

We have been in the market with automated injection systems for over 30 years and offer you the expertise you expect.

Put us to the test!


  • Consulting directly from experts
  • 30 years of experience in automated CO₂ DSA.
  • 24/7 availability

SERVICE - CO2 Angiography - Carbon Dioxide Injektor

Service for Contrast Agent Injector INSPECT 3005R


The service, which must be performed annually, includes maintenance, recalibration and safety checks of the contrast agent injector.

During maintenance, all safety-relevant wear parts are replaced. This is followed by recalibration of the injector. Once this has been done, the safety check is carried out. You will receive a detailed report on this.

The service is realized at our company, Malek Medica GmbH in Wismar. For easy shipping, we have designed the INSPECT 3005R in a way that the complete technology is located in the injector head.


  • Directly from the manufacturer
  • 24/7 Availability
  • Shortest Downtimes

Safety Check for Contrast Agent Pump INSPECT 3005R

Safety Check for Contrast Agent Pump INSPECT 3005R

Safety Check

The safety check is a periodic technical check prescribed for operators of medical devices. In medical technology, the safety check is a procedure for determining the safety of an active, non-implantable medical device. The aim of this measure is the timely detection of device defects and risks for patients, users or third parties.


  • safety check directly by the manufacturer
  • shortest downtimes
  • worldwide unique expertise
  • 24/7 availability